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How Campground Manager Got Started

Astra by Campground Manager software originally grew out of necessity when Jim Amadio was managing the family campground. He soon found there was no good solution for the growing need to use computers to manage the campground business. So he set out to create a computerized reservations system. Jim had a technological and accounting background as well as campground experience.

Jim Amadio and Peter Kearns knew each other from business school. When the two tech-savy friends reconnected in 1993, Jim had decided to start a business producing and selling the software he wrote to run the campground. Soon after Peter joined the company to lend his business experience and help the company grow. So Mission Management Information Systems was born.

Now operating from our head office in Niagara Falls, with Jim as President and Peter as Vice President, Mission Management Information Systems, Inc. provides a selection of software products for RV park and campground operations.

Our Products Include

Astra by Campground Manager


A reservation/registration and property management system for RV parks, campgrounds, in-house stores, online bookings and multiple park operations.

Campground Manager

A reservation/registration and property management system for RV parks and campgrounds.

Campground Manager



Our online booking portal that integrates with Astra and Campground Manager allowing the camping public to book reservations 24/7.

BookYourSite™ Mobile App

A campground directory for the mobile device market that allows customers to book online right through their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

BookYourSite™ Mobile App

Boatslip Manager

Boatslip Manager

Our marina property management system.

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