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Astra Blast Off – A New Generation of Campground / RV Park Software

In Hinduism, an Astra (Sanskrit: अस्त्र) was a supernatural weapon, presided over by a specific deity. Very powerful and different astras meant different weapons for different deitys. In other words it was a very powerful weapon that was used in different ways to by different people to be subdue their enemies and be successful. Kind of reminds you of a campground owner. In our case it is the name of our brand new flagship product. Astra has been over 6 years in the making. Every piece of code is new. From the ground up we have built a new generation of product that utilizes all the latest and greatest tool in the marketplace.

Every owner I have ever talked to in the last 23 years starts the conversation with, “Well our park is a little different…”. In most cases it is true! However we are all in the same game, to make money. We just use different vehicles to get there. Using our 23 years of software development and also our 20 years of park ownership as a foundation, we think we have created something that he/she can use in their specific, unique situation.

Our current product has served us well and will continue to serve the market well in the coming years however it is time to evolve.

Some of the features that are different than the Classic Campground Manager Software@ include:

  • Real time online bookings through BookYourSite™
  • Real time internet reservations through the BookYourSite™ iPone/Android smartphone app
  • Full featured POS with full physical inventory access
  • SQL database to easily manage multi park organizations
  • Multilingual adaptable
  • Cross platform (Mac and Windows)
  • Locally hosted and cloud computing adaptable
  • Clear concise screens
  • Thumbnail overall park maps to drill down
  • Full grid capability

And the list goes on.

We have been running it at our own campground for 2 years ironing out the bugs. If you are looking for rv park software or are interested in the best campground software out there please contact us at the office.

We will also be featuring it at our booth at the upcoming ARVC show Dec.2-5 in Las Vegas NV.

Hope you like it and can find time to drop by the booth in Vegas and share in the excitement!


Astra by Campground Manager