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Can I use a touch screen store POS system at our campground / rv park?

“I want to use a touchscreen with the Campground Manager Software@/ BookYourSite™ POS system in my park. Will it work and if so how do I go about installing it?”

I bet I get this question 4 to 5 times per week. The easy answer is yes! However let’s get into it with a little more detail.

Step 1: Getting started

Touch Screen technology has really changed the game since iPads were brought on the market by Apple. They used to be “zone based” on the monitor screen. In other words the underlying software buttons had to correspond to the zones on the hardware screen. Can anyone remember the early touch screen systems at restaurants and bars? We have been working towards that with our campground software.

All that has changed now. Basically any piece of software can be run on a touchcreen tablet or monitor these days. The human finger just replicates the left mouse click of a mouse.

Step 2: Do your background research on what monitor you would like…

What monitor would you like on your desktop? How much room do you have? How good is your eyesight. Generally the bigger the better; the less strain on the eyes, the buttons will appear bigger and is just generally a better user expereince. Works better for your rv park software on the reservations side as well as on the camp store side of the business.

Checkut the image below for the POS screen in our new Astra by Campground Manager product. Designed for touch screen item selection and ease of use.

Step 3: Make Sure you have a POS system in your store…

If you do not have a full POS in your store then call us. A POS is a must. I mean a real POS that creates purchase orders, keeps track of physical inventory and creates a whole new profit center for your park.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the cash register and if need be the mouse in your store operation. Attach a cash drawer and a receipt printer and away you go. Integrate the whole package with Campground Manager Software@/ BookYourSite™ or our new product Astra by Campground Manager. Let campers sign stuff to their campground accounts and have clerks place the order using a touch screen monitor. Will lead to some easier training and quicker store operation.

What do you think? Please feel free to comment!