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Don’t Change to Windows 10 Yet!

Windows 10

We are getting all kinds of calls on our support desk from people who have upgraded their operating system to Windows 10 and need help. Here is my thought: If you are a northern summer based park then put off changing your operating system until your down time.

I know it is free, however you do not want to change your best players during the Super Bowl! It is not just upgrade to Windows 10 overnight and away we go. You have to re-install print drivers, have to make sure your scanners for your camp store work, have to make your credit card processing works, have to make sure your cash drawer works and also make sure your printers work. Not too mention sometimes you have to re-configure the local network (if you are on the locally hosted version of our software) to your server. So it is not like upgrading your iPhone. This is a system that is critical to your ability to make money!

I am not saying Windows 10 is bad or inefficient. I am saying do not change during your busiest time frame. I know it is free. It will be free 6 months from now. Think of it in these terms. Let’s say you have your car and you are packing up for a family vacation. Excitement is growing, the family is besides themselves with enthusiasm. You work hard all year long for these 2 weeks off. Then you garage calls and says we have a new motor for your call we want to install tonight even though the old one is working just fine. Would you do it? I hope not. My wife would kill me. Now if you are changing to a whole new car because the old one died then that is a different story.

So turn down the Microsoft requests and do it during your RV park or campground down time. If this is your downtime then so be it, upgrade away! But if it is your Super Bowl, the time of the year when you have to get it right, then put a hold on that till the campers are gone.

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