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EMV Machines Update

Pin Pad

As you may or may not know the PCI (payment card industry) has mandated that come October 1 you must have an EMV swiper machine to process all physically present credit card transactions. These EMV machines will facilitate credit card processing in a more secure fashion, featuring the latest in encryption chip technology.

This is the latest update:

OpenEdge (X-Charge, X-Web)

OK, Today finally some good news

So here we go:

  1. Call OpenEdge at 888-525-2150.
  2. Order the IPP320 machine and the cables you need to support it, based on your hardware at park level.
  3. You can either buy it at $249 or lease it at $9.99 per month.
  4. Once you get that please call us and we will get you up and running.

So we have had customers call and OpenEdge tells them the machine is not ready yet. After one hour on hold yesterday I finally got through to Dennis Bujnak the sales guy. He tells me they have shipped out over 100 machines with the wrong build of software in them and had to get them all sent back. So they are not ready yet. We agreed that our customers can call and place the order, OpenEdge will deploy them when ready.


So with Verifone (PC Charge) customers, Verifone has to deploy the machine pre-programmed with the correct clearing house (TSYS etc) software in the machine for the particular merchant account processor you are using. However they have not deployed any yet. They are not done writing the “Point” software for the VX805. So the best I can tell you is to bear with us until we hear from Verifone. Clearly they are not going to make any self imposed October 1 date.


At least Russ Rybolt answers the phone. So the good news is, they handle all this. They have not deployed any Verifone VX805 machines either for the same reason we (Verifone) have not. However he was telling me a few things this morning:

  • That the October 1 date is a not a firm date, more like a guideline.
  • He is getting all kinds of customers calling who think they will not be able to process credit cards on October 1. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • That who is the biggest online processor in the world has already told their customers that they will not be ready until April 2016 with any EMV machine interface.
  • Russ was telling me that he has 170 campgrounds on his system and he went through all their transactions for the last 18 months and there was only 1 transaction for $70 that would have fallen under the scope of this new EMV ruling. Just one.
  • Verifone has not been able to deploy one machine for them yet
  • Consumer adoption of the chip credit cards is about 20 %. So even is you have the correct pinpad EMV machine in place, only 20% of your customers will have the correct card in their wallet to use it!

So that is the latest update. Again to go back to a blog from last week, everyone needs to take a deep breadth and relax. The sky is not going to fall, you will still be able to process cards come October 1. You will still fall wihin the rules of PCI compliance.