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Accomodate Seasonal and Long-Term Guests

Design rates schemes for daily, weekly, monthly or annual customers. Tier pricing from the longest to shortest period. Span rates over peak and low seasons. Set different prices for any day of the week. There’s no figuring or manual calculation necessary. It automatically follows the rules you set.

Add the charges you wish to associate with the site rate.

Associated charges will appear in the billing screen as options.

Use the pencil feature to override the predetermined rate.

A variety of rate schemes can be created for any site type.

Extra charges can also be linked to rates to build dynamic packages and bundles. For example a simple extra charge would be additional adults or children. These can be linked to any site type to be displayed as an option during booking. These charges would obviously be date driven and mirror the dates applied to the booking.

A rate chart can be created for any time period

Each day of the week can have a different price during any period

You may also have more advanced extras that are either date dependant or flat charges. Gate key deposits, tours packages and in-store items can also be presented upon booking, prompting the clerk to up-sell the customer. Packages can be varied between online and walkup customers presenting a different option to each.

For those rates that are impossible to predict, there is a pencil feature that allows rates to be overridden by an administrator or manager. With Astra’s custom security levels the administrator can set the authority level of most sensitive features.

Weekly, monthly and ad hoc period charts can also be created to suit your needs.