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Seamlessly Integrate Retail Purchases

Manage you store sales, inventory and other park services using the integrated Point-of-sale module included with every installation of Astra. Control all facets of your business with one software product.

Most RV parks and campgrounds have some kind of retail camp store with cash registers, inventory and purchasing responsibilities. Astra seamlessly connects these retail activities to the overall property accounting and management by tracking all activity in one system.

Easily add additional charges or store purchase to any customer folio. You may even allow customers to run a tab while holding a credit card or gift card for future payment.

Point-of-sale screen with up to 9 palettes of 36 preset items.

Point-of-sale Scan UPC code or use the item search to select items to sell.

Reconcile cash tills by clerk, shift or day.  Review sales reports for any time period including on the fly during the current day.

Hook up optional retail equipment like a UPC scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer to achieve the same professional look common in large retail outlets.

Detailed inventory tracking and purchase ordering lets you manage your stock levels and order the right amount of stock delivered when you need it. The full audit trail Astra provides, helps you stay on top of the things that can become costly if not monitored and well controlled.