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Cloud Hosting Makes Life Easier!

Fewer Computer Hassles - Easier Access

Our system offers a choice of storing the database at your property, or via ‘the cloud’. Cloud hosting means your data is safely maintained off-site by our techs, and you can access you data from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

Cloud hosting means your park data is stored on our secure web server. The server provides constant access to your managers, park staff and other authorized users. We also host Astra, the application software on this server, eliminating the need to install software locally on your network. This configuration is called ‘software as a service’ (SaaS).

Cloud Hosting Advantage

Cloud hosting eliminates the need for large financial outlays to purchase software, dedicated servers, workstations networks and peripherals.

You no longer need to, install and manage the application, do updates, backups or trouble shoot networking problems. SaaS shifts the responsibility to us, the hosting provider, and simplifies your in-house IT requirements.

Minimal Down Time

You won’t need to worry about losing everything when your computer crashes or is stolen, damaged, or hacked. Your data is safe off site on the SaaS servers. Your connection can then be setup on another computer within minutes, and you’re back in business!

Manage Properties From (Almost) Anywhere

The Cloud is ideal for managing multiple properties. You’ll be able to connect through high-speed internet from any location on almost any OS or tablet using Remote Desktop Protocol Software.

No Hassle Backups

Our technicians will handle regular data backups and online security as well as updating the software as needed without effort (or added cost) for you or your staff.