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For campgrounds that don’t have great internet service, you can still employ the power of the industry’s leading campground management system. Install Astra Classic on your office computer or network, and experience the satisfaction from integrated technology built by campground owners, for campground owners.

No Internet? NO Problem!

One advantage of a locally hosted reservation and management system is that it does not rely on connectivity to the internet to be functional. The locally hosted system gives the park’s IT staff complete control over the network and database.

A “Locally Hosted” system means you are responsible for providing the computer server on which the park data will reside, and a work station. You can also setup and maintain a Local Area Network (LAN) if you want more than one workstation to access the data. Your IT staff will need to take care of backing up the data and updating the software when new releases are available.

System Requirements

The system requirements for file servers and work stations for local hosting are easily satisfied by most computers built in the past 5 years. Please see the System Requirements section to learn more.

“We Will Be There For You!”

Our tech support staff will be able to help with the installation of Astra on your network if you choose to be locally hosted. Setup of the SQL database and related software can be complex for those that are unfamiliar with this technology. Fortunately our support staff has plenty of experience in the correct configuration. Please schedule a time with our staff to assist you in the setup when you are ready to get started.


Astra can operate natively on both Mac OSX , Windows or in a mixed operating system environment. You have the power to decide what OS works best for your business!