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Billing Schedules to Meet Your Needs

Automatically schedule the posting of charges that recur periodically. Arrange with customers to leave a card on file to pay for charges and rent fees when due.

– Pay outstanding customer charges in batch with Auto Payment.

Set Recurring Charge to automatically post.

Post every 1 month for 3 months.

Recurring Charges

Post transactions to any customer account automatically.   Set your auto-charge and billing schedule for any item including campsites, services and store sales. For example, a customer checks in for the month but wants to stay for at least 6 months. Knowing this, you could set the original monthly charge to renew automatically each month for the next 6 periods. The renewals would post each month based on the current monthly rate. If the customer decides to leave before the 6 months are up, the site will be released for booking and the remainder of the un-posted recurring charges cancelled.

The cycle will stop automatically and Astra will alert you once the last scheduled charge has been posted. You may elect to post recurring charges without intervention or have Astra alert you when charges are ready to post.

Recurring charges can also be set up for regular ancillary items like monthly cable charges, trash collection fees, mail services etc.

Auto Payment

Customers may elect to provide a credit card for the park to keep on file for use in paying periodically charges or balances owing. For example lot rents and electrical meters are billed monthly at your park. Rather than waiting for your customer to come to the office to pay you may want to ask them to provide a credit card that you can securely keep on file. Once the monthly bills are posted, their account can be settled by processing the total amount owing using the card on file. Astra lets you set up multiple accounts this way so that auto payments can be run in a batch. One by one the outstanding charges for each customer are computed and paid using the card on file. Billing details and payment receipts can be printed or emailed to the customer once the process is complete. The process is completely secure because we never store the credit card number within Astra. Only a token is stored which references the card information locked in the credit card processor’s database, so your staff will never have direct access to the customer’s card number. This feature will save your office staff time and ensure that customer bills are not forgotten or left unpaid.