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Intuitive & Flexible
Booking Solutions

Customers are happier and employees are more productive when booking goes smoothly. Astra is built upon the experience of campground operators so it fits the actual processes with easy transitions from one booking step to the next.

Customized to Your Property

Your business is unique so Astra is customized to suit your individual needs. We set up your rates, taxes, extra charges and draw a customized map of your park to make starting up with Astra Campground Manager much easier.

Customized maps of your park

Intuitive Availability Screens

View availability from a map or from the Grid View. Our system gives you both. The map has always been a favorite of our customers, providing the big picture of how well the parks is doing and where marketing opportunities lie.

Easy to Use

Our easy-to-learn campground reservations & registration system reduces training time, organizes each step in the booking process, and offers flexibility to change dates, sites, and rates, or add charges and payments for a variety of items.

Pay multiple folios and transactions in one step.

Customer Records

Each booking creates a customer folio with contact information, reservations additional charges and payment history. Customers can set up a tab while on property, allowing them purchase services or store merchandise and settle up upon departure. All historical, current and future transactions by this customer are visible on one transaction screen allowing easy management of accounts.

Occupant Tracking

Add site occupant information to the customers booking folio. This can improve security by enabling tracking of all valid occupants in the park. This occupant list can be associated with the booking customer making future bookings easier.

Add all site occupants to the booking record.