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Create all types of utility charges billed to customer accounts


Create all types of utility charges billed to customer accounts. Monitor payments and create aged statements with the option to finance charge delinquent accounts.


Meter Read List

Sample utility invoice (basic)

Complex tiered utility bill example


Utility Billing

Create and track Electric or other utility bills for individual customers. Billing can also be processed in batches for quick, easy use. Astra can be configured to handle tiered electrical pricing in combination with fixed flat charges. Meter invoices can be printed or emailed directly to the customer when processed saving time and reducing office costs.

Set the number of installments and the percentage due.

Calculate finance charges in batch based on past due amounts.

Print finance charge report.


Aged Transaction and Finance Charges

Transactions can be aged using payment schedules. These schedules are defined by you and will show when payments are due. Payment schedules can vary between overnight, monthly and seasonal customers. For instance, seasonal customer payments could be spread over 6 months and 4 installments, whereas overnight transactions are due upon check in. If payments are missed the aging process will alert you and provide options to add finance charges by percentage or flat dollar amount. Aged customer statements are also available to print or email.

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