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Good Sam teams up with Astra Campground Manager and
its suite of integrated online services

Pack Your Park by Modernizing Your Business Online

As a Good Sam Park owner, you can now modernize your business operations and improve customer relations with a powerful new suite of online services for your Good Sam members. Increase revenue in less time with efficient, around-the-clock online bookings, while streamlining your on-site management and accounting.

Working Better by Working Together

Good Sam now offers ASTRA’s suite of services to Good Sam Parks at a 10% discount. Together, Astra Campground Manager® with Book Your Site™ bring all of the tasks of campground management together in one powerful system! Over 20 years strong, ASTRA has skyrocketed business growth for over 1,500 RV parks in America… and we’re fully loaded to grow your business too!

Astra by Campground Manager Software®

Your business is unique. That’s why Campground Manager can be customized to meet your park’s specific needs. We’ll set up your scheduling, rates, taxes, point of sale and accounting… all to make the details of your park’s management a snap. We also offer multi-language capabilities. There’s so much more! Take a look:

Integrated Map & Grid Combination

Easily move between a custom-designed, interactive, site-availability grid and map of your RV park, while viewing detailed customer information – all on the same screen. The grid instantly pinpoints vacant slots of time, while the map is ideal for seeing the big picture, and location-oriented view of the park.

Onsite Payments and Online Payment Portal

While on-site payments, including utility usage payments, are made easier with ASTRA, you can also enable chosen customers to log in, view their accounts and pay their balances online without ever setting foot in your office or calling. It is ideal for season or long-term residents. ASTRA can be configured to accept all types of credit cards, debit cards and even gift cards, whether on-site or on-line.

Auto Payment

Customers may provide a credit card for the park to keep on file for use in paying periodic or recurring charges. Once the monthly bills are posted, their account can be settled by processing the amounts owing using the card on file. Billing details are securely encrypted and safeguarded. Payment receipts can be printed or emailed to the customer.

Financial Reporting, Auditing & Accounting Integration

Accurate, reliable financial reporting is the cornerstone of ASTRA. Solid day-end procedures ensure funds are balanced and journal entries are recorded. Use with Quick Books Pro G/L, or import to other popular accounting packages. Choose from Cash Basis or Accrual Accounting methods. ASTRA can provide a full set of financial reports, general ledger entries and audit trail for either method selected.

Integrated Point of Sale Model

ASTRA’s built-in point of sale gives you the power to completely integrate all facets of your operation into one software package. Easily add charges or purchases to any customer account. Detailed inventory tracking, bar codes and purchase ordering lets you manage your stock levels for accurate reordering, along with stock transfer to various retail outlets and locations, whether you are a single or multi-park business.

Aged Transaction and Finance Charges

Transactions can be aged using payment schedules. The schedules are defined by you and when payments are due. If payments are missed, the aging process will alert you and provide options to add finance charges by percentage or flat dollar amount. Aged customers statements are also available to print or email.

Loyalty Tracking, Customer Tags and Mailing Lists

Create and store membership information for loyalty tracking and discount programs. Site occupant information can be added to the booking customer’s record. This enables tracking of all occupants in the park. Define your own tags to track, monitor and follow up on customers of interest. Manage or send your mailing list to your mail-house, or do it yourself with built-in mail labels.

Customer Violation Tracking, Notes and Alert Messages

Notes and messages can be assigned to any customer. From a violations rap sheet of an undesired customer, to day-to-day guest details such as posting a “call home” message on a guest’s account at check-in, you have the power to use information for the benefit of your park and your customers.

Multi-Park Call Center

Set up a call center to use at multi-park operations where your staff can view available sites for any date range, at multiple parks, in one request. Select a specific park to reference the interactive map that displays all openings available. View site attributes and policies to ensure the site is a good fit for your customer. Finalize the booking, complete with a deposit payment and email confirmation. Packages and add on items can easily be included in the booking process.

Enforce “YOUR” Rules

Assign your park rules to any site type or time period. Set minimum or maximum number of nights, persons and visitors per site. Set cancellation policies, pet and vehicles limits. Restrict specific check in or check out days of the week. Rules can be applied specifically for walk-up and online customers. You can even “black out” booking date ranges for special events or holidays.

Flexible Hosting and Database Versatility

ASTRA can be hosted and safely maintained on our cloud servers through our SaaS (software as a service) option or hosted locally on your own park network. For properties with limited internet access, you can install ASTRA and the database on your office computer. ASTRA allows native connections to all leading databases, providing enough processing power and versatility for the job at hand.

Mac and Windows Platforms

ASTRA will operate locally or on the Cloud in a Windows &, 8 or 10 environment. It can also run locally or cloud-based on MacOSX, 10, 8 or above. ASTRA can even run with a mixed Mac/Windows environment.

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Book Your Site™

Online Booking and Payment Processing with Good Sam Member Discounts

Integrated into ASTRA Campground Manager®, is Book Your Site™, your online portal for Good Sam members to easily book reservations online. They can do so 24/7, from anywhere in the world, on any device, from desktop computers, to tablets to smartphones.

Using Book Your Site™ with Astra Campground Manager® enables ASTRA to store and re-use a customer’s contact information each time they reserve a site with Book Your Site™. Information like your address, membership information, and your preferences for park amenities can be saved. Sign up today! BookYourSite™ is ready to connect your empty sites with qualified buyers.

Discover ASTRA’s 360° Solution for Your Business!

ASTRA Campground Manager, a 23-year old industry leader, offers the most cutting-edge Property Management and Online Booking Software in the business.

We’re Here for You!

ASTRA is backed by the top support team in the business. We prepare your software by loading your rates, taxes, store inventory and customer lists prior to installation so you hit the track in high gear. And we’ll be there, guiding you through all the bumps and curves, season after season. There’s no additional work to do. Your park availability and rates are always in sync so your computer will get accurate, up-to-the-minute information at all times.

Sign up today, and you’re on your way!

It’s nothing but good news for Good Sam Parks! Good Sam’s partnership with ASTRA Campground Manager’s 360° Solution, offers a complete and efficient integration of your business tasks, while at the same time, broadcasts your business online to your desired customers!

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