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How much does Campground Manager Software® cloud computing cost?

How much does it cost?

Probably the single most asked question I get from every single rv park or campground owner. Today I want to answer that question. We have an online pricing investment calculator for protective owners/users of Campground Manager Software@/ BookYourSite™. We learned a longtime ago that we are value sellers, that people cannot judge the value of the product or services if they do no know the price.

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Online Cost Calculator

In this day and age the customer is fully informed of your product before he evens picks up the phone or taps you out an email. He/She has talked to his friends, other vendors, people in the industry or does a search on the internet. They have a pretty good idea of what you can provide and just want to hear it from the “horses mouth” how much their investment would be in the product.

Step 1: Getting Started

Please navigate to here to see our online pricing calculator. This is for our Campground Manager Software@/ BookYourSite™ product. New Astra pricing will be up when we launch our new Astra website in the coming months.

Step 2: Fill in the Number of Sites at Your Park

Skip down to where it says “number of sites”. Please enter in the number of sites at your park. A note here. Please think this through. If you have 150 sites but only have 90 transient sites make sure to include all 150 sites. Yes you will save a little money in the short term but in the long term you will burn much more money away by trying to save money but not inclucing all your sites. You will never be able to balance the drawer and running reports will not show the whole park’s results. I hear this all time- “We only have 90 sites but I only want to put 30 of them on your system”. The difference in pricing is about $29 per month. You would spend that on lunch.

Step 3: Fill in the Number of Users

When we say users we mean the number of concurrent workstations, not the actual people. In other words how many computers do you want on the system at the same time? That is the key question.

Step 4: Add the Modules You Need

Below that, click the button you need for the modules you want added to the base system. The main one is the POS which is a full scale Point-of-Sale inventory that will help your run your camp store. If you do not have a store you will not need it!

Step 5: Final Pricing

Next to the #of sites box you will see two numbers: the upper number is for the local hosted version of our software and is a one time fee that includes the first year annual support, the second number is for the cloud version. It is not both numbers, it is one or the other. The cloud version price includes the annual support fee and has everything built into the monthly fee. (online bookings are a different fee)

As you can see in this screen shot, a 90 site park is $2,202 for the local version or $500 access fee and $107.70 per month for the cloud computing version. Now you should always call us to confirm these prices and a lot of time we have deals on the go.

Transparency and value are the keywords that we live by; Transparency in our pricing (in other words no hidden coupons or prices) and value in what deliver to the customer. That way everyone wins and I can sleep at night!