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Mission Management has long been seen as one of the earliest innovators of campground reservation software in the campground industry. Before there was ever a real need for reservation system software, our founders who are campground owners themselves, saw the dire need for camp owners to have a functional system that allowed them to move on from old school methods of pen and paper. Thus our Astra product was born!

Astra has been known to campground owners and industry experts for over 20 years. This is why we have formally decided to reposition ourselves as Astra Campground Manager, not Mission Management, to align best with what our customers and future customers know us as. Astra has been the leading product since its inception and by doing this brand maneuver, we are confident that this more closely aligns with who we are; a group of campground owners reaching for the sky! So expect to see more things change over to Astra, such as website, social media, collateral and other items, but with the same great service!