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OpenEdge / X Web EMV Machines

As you may or may not know the PCI (payment card industry) has mandated that come October 1 you must have an EMV swiper machine to process all physically present credit card transactions.

Basically I am starting to feel that is similar to the year 2000 scare propagated upon us by the IT industry (of which I am part of). Kind of reminiscent of that. They have introduced the pinpad EMV machines to handle any credit card processing where the card is physically present. Anyway they are claiming that in order to follow the pci compliance rules, emv machines must be in place by October 1. After that you will be liable for any fake or phony credit card transactions you process outside of an EMV machine. That will be followed up by an attack of the bubonic plague and a pox of millions of locusts harvesting your belongings.

Well finally we have some good news.

Open Edge

If you are using OpenEdge (previously known as X Charge Credit Card Verification Software) you are in luck. They have decided upon using the IPP320 machine (see below) and we have written the interface to that machine. The interface contains all the encryption you will need to transact credit cards safely.

The process is as follows:

  1. Call OpenEdge at 888-525-2150
  2. If you have not already, you will have to switch to their gateway product (online) called Xweb. (Instead of using the locally hosted product called X Charge Credit Card Verification Software ). Make sure you mention that you want to switch to XWeb (if you have not already)
  3. Order the IPP320 machine and the cables you need to support the hardware. You can either buy it at $249 or lease it at $9.99 per month. You will need one machine at every payment station where you take physical credit cards.
  4. Once you get that delivered to your park please call us and we will get you up and running.


So that is it for today. Again the world will not stop turning on October 1 if you do not get it installed by then. However now is a good time to start planning and putting the wheels in motion to do this.

If you have any more questions or concerns please give me a call or drop me a line. Hope we can continue to earn your trust and your business. If you are using PC Charge stay tuned. More info to follow when we have it.