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PC Charge Being Discontinued by Verifone


PC Charge being discontinued and EMV card processing I would like to discuss the upcoming changes to the credit card industry and how it will effect our products.

PC Charge will be gone.

  1. The first and most important is the discontinuation of PC Charge Server/Pro product by Verifone. They have already dropped support for earlier versions of Windows and it current does not have any support for Windows 8 or domain controllers. We have decided to migrate customers to their gateway service PAYware Connect. This gateway product removes the local storage of credit card information and retains it on their remote server. There is no extra software needed to be installed and any future upgrades to their systems are done within there domain. This reduces down time and no migration changes to the environment.
  2. If you want to use one of our non-partner merchant account companies to process your payment, you will need to switch to PAYware Connect. As no software needs to be purchased you will only pay on transactions that are performed. The fee structure are as follows in bullet point Number 6.
  3. If you would like to avoid these extra middleware fees we invite you to contact Russ Rybolt at Infintech. Infintech is one of our partner companies that facilitates processiing with PAYware Connect. Give them a shot. Current customers have told us that they have been straight forward, efficient and their costs are very competitive.
  4. EMV – (Europay, Mastercard Visa) With credit cards being a world security issue the industry is enforcing new changes on how to you process them. By the end of October the United States will need to start to use chip embedded credit cards. This technology will help eliminate the exposure of card information from day to day use. This will require new pinpad hardware to be purchased or leased. The pinpad will allow you to enter the PIN codes into the machine to authorize a transaction when the card is inserted into the device. Currently we are developing the interface for the VX family offered by Verifone and we are testing with the VX 805. More news to follow on this however it will also allow you to take debit cards through Campground Manager Software@/ BookYourSite™ The devices will cost around $600 – $700. These devices utilize the Verifone Point integration. This allows our software to directly connect to the devices through an ethernet cable and process the card using the VeriShield P2P(point 2 point) Encryption. This is the strongest protection on the market. PCI Compliance is it’s raison d’etre. The device directly processes the request and only returns the results to our system. With no extra software needed to be installed and no worry about different versions of the operating system you are using, it will make it easy to setup and run in any environment. Currently we are working on getting the associated processing fees. We will update everyone when we are finished the integration.
  5. If you are currently using X Charge Credit Card Verification Software or Infintech you will not have to worry about updating, they will contact you to help you switch to their gateway process.
  6. Pricing for Payware Connect
    Number of monthly TransactionsPayware Connect Monthly fees
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So now is the time to start thinking about an alternative to PC Charge. If you have any more questions or concerns please give me a call or drop me a line. Hope we can earn your trust and your business.