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PCI Compliance and EMV Machines

Pin Pad

Today’s blog is a follow up and basically a retelling of our current newsletter and a follow up to an earlier blog. The thing I want to stress the most was so aptly put by my partner Jim Amadio:

“The sky is not going to fall on Oct 1 … you swipers and current software will still accept credit card payment and will still function as it always has. Installation of EMV machines will be a process since that can be phased in and is not a must on Oct 1. PC Charge will still function for another year but you should move over to Payware as soon as possible (which we can help you with) EMV is just a higher level of PCI compliance and encryption that the card companies are trying to evoke on US businesses. It is not a law that you have to have an EMV machine.”

In other words the Credit Card processing industry is whipping people into a frenzy by telling them that they have to have these machines by this date or else! They are hinting you will not be able to take credit cards! Not true! They seem to be great at selling using the FUD method: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

PCI compliance is not another word for judicial process! The CC industry created this date themselves! Not the government! Our partner processors just decided 4 weeks ago which machine they are going to provide for us to link to Campground Manager Software@/ BookYourSite™. So everyone just needs to take a deep breath and relax. PC Charge and X Charge Credit Card Verification Software are not going to stop working on October 1.

We are working through the process on our end and getting the VX805 (Verifone- Payware Connect) and the IPP320 (xWeb- online replacement to X Charge Credit Card Verification Software) up and running in a secure and reliable manner. The bonus is the pinpad will now allow us to process debit cards. We will get there and in the mean time just focus on improving your business.

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