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The Trade Show

On the Road Again:
This time of year we are doing the Willy Nelson thing. We are a big believers in doing the trade shows of states and organizations that support us. In this day and age we always ask ourselves why? After 23 years I think I have finally figured it out. Why do we still do trade shows?

  • Trade shows are really where the rubber hits the road so to speak. It is about building trust. Both with your current customer base, with new customers and state assocaitions.
  • Trade shows are where you chat with happy customers! I think more often than not we let the bad customer get under our skin and do not celebrate the good customer enough. At the trade shows we do!
  • Trade shows are where you can deal with problem customers from the actual rv park and campground. The employees and clerks so to speak who are at the front lines. There is no denying it, once in a while everyone has an unhappy customer. Be it a camper in your park or a software customer, you get to meet them face to face and talk like humans to try and solve your differences. Not always possible but people are usually a lot more reasonable face to face than they are in email or telephone.
  • On site exhibitions are where you meet your fellow peers in the industry and compare notes. Always a good idea.
  • Trade shows are a perfect vehicle to launch new products such as Campground Manager Software@/ BookYourSite™ Astra
  • Trade shows are where you can pick some intel on what your compeitors are doing. Again always a good idea.
  • Last but not least apart from the travel, they are fun!


Here are a few images from the latest ARVC trade show form our booth, customers and emnployees.

In closing:
Support your state and national associations. They play an important role in keeping your business profitable. Part of that support is attending your trade shows. This recent victory in the HUD ruling is a perfect example of that. Hope to see you soon on the road!