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Wifi in the campgrounds, is it a good thing?

I know I know, people want it. You have to have it. When my wife and I were on the road in our Airstream last year that was our major complaint. Lousy Wifi at the RV park. I had to have it for work. However people are using it for everything now. Especially for entertainment. It used to be for Skyping loved ones, email, information and map quest. Now it is for Netflix. Did you know that at times Netflix makes up 2/3 of the worlds internet traffic? Two thirds!

So what is it I am not getting? People spend all this time and money on camping equipment. They book their time off. They make their online reservations They take the kids out of school. Then they get to the campground connect to the internet and hand their kids an appliance.(iPad, Nintendo DS) The odd time our internet goes down at our park we have a full scale revolution on our hands from our campers. I thought the idea was to get outside? Play games, spend time with your neighbours in the park, social interaction (and I don’t mean on Facebook). Why go somewhere and then replicate the same things you do at home?

Take 4:56 and watch this inspiring video. It is called Look Up. Read the book Last Child in the Woods. I know we have to give the customer what he wants but I wonder, where are we heading? Where are our generation’s kids heading? I am as guilty as the next person or probably even more so of spending too much time on the iPhone and Macbook. Gonna try to change that. Less screen time will help everyone, not only in this business, but everyone.

Hope you like it.